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Sunday, December 2, 2012 Dashboard Overview

In this post, I will orient you to your dashboard and explain the setup options for various features. You will find information about:
  • Navigating your Dashboard
  • Where to locate account information
  • Where to locate and alter settings
  • Two ways to Upload files
  • How to attach files to products
  • Using transaction reports

Dashboard Overview

When you log in to your dashboard, you will see is some basic information about your account. Including:

  • How many monthly transactions you have remaining
  • When your renewal date is scheduled
  • How many roll-over credits you have
  • Announcements from 
You can get to this page at any time by clicking the blue eye icon at the top left of your screen.


There are four icons in the upper left portion of your dashboard. 
  • The "i" icon will take you to our tutorials page
  • The house icon will take you to the homepage
  • The speech bubbles icon will take you to our FAQ page
  • The single speech bubble icon will take you to blog
To log out, click the CraftHub logo in the upper right portion of your screen.


There are seven tabs along the top of your dashboard.


Use the Settings tab to:

  • Find the name and email address associated with your account
  • Change your password
  • Set a maximum number of downloads for sent files
  • Set an expiration time for sent files
  • Set your products to auto renew on Etsy
  • Turn the IP Lock feature on or off
Remember to click the submit button to save your changes.

Maximum downloads for sent files allows you to set a maximum number of times that your customer can download their purchase. This field is set at 0 by default, which allows your customer an unlimited number of downloads. In my store, I have set the maximum downloads to five. I do not want a customer to be locked out if they have trouble with the first download. If a customer exceeds the number of available downloads, they will receive an error message.

Days a file has before it expires after sending
You can also set an expiration date on your files. This field is set to unlimited by default. I have set mine to 30 days. I don't want the link to be active forever, but I want the customer to have plenty of time to download their purchase. If the customer tries to access the link after the expiration date, they will receive an error message.

Auto Renew can relist products for you in Etsy. Click the button to turn this feature on or off.

IP Lock
When IP lock is turned on, your customer can only download the file to a single IP address. This is meant to limit the number of devices to which a customer can download your product. The lock is set to the first IP address the customer uses to access the file. If they open the file to view it from their work computer, then try to download it at home, they will not be able to access the file from their home computer. I recommend keeping IP Lock turned off to avoid causing your customers unintended frustration. For more information, see our post on the IP lock feature.


Use the Account tab to:

  • Change or renew your subscription
  • Unsubscribe
  • Enter promotional codes
  • Find your referral link offers a variety of account levels to support your business needs. If you find you need more or less transactions per month, you can unsubscribe from your current level and resubscribe at a new level. Remember to resubscribe right away to avoid any gap in service.

If you refer to a friend, please give them your referral link. Click here to learn more about the affiliate program.


Use the Media tab to:

  • Upload media files
  • Edit information for media files
  • Delete media files

On your Media tab, you will see a list of your available media files. Click on a file to view and edit information about that file.

To upload a new media file, scroll to the "Upload new files" section at the bottom of the page. You can upload files up to 50 MB. For information on how to set up your files, see our post A Guide To Starting Your Digital Business on Etsy. When you upload a file from the Media tab, it is not automatically associated with any of your Etsy products. You can attach media files to products using the Products tab, which I will discuss later in this post.

NOTE: You can also upload media files on your Products tab. I will discuss this option shortly.

You can also delete media files from the Media tab. Be careful that you do not delete a file that is associated with an active product listing.


Use the Content tab to:

  • Customize your automatic email to customers
  • Customize your Customer Landing Page
When your customer purchases a product, they will receive an automatic email containing a link to the Customer Landing Page. The Customer Landing Page is where your customer can download their purchase. For information about customizing your email and landing page, check out our post How To Brand Your Message and Landing Page.


Use the Etsy tab to:

  • Link your Etsy shop to your account
Your Etsy tab is where links to your Etsy account. Your shop name should be visible and turned on. You can only associate one Etsy shop with your account.


Use the Products tab to:

  • View your product listings
  • Turn the Instant Download feature on or off for a product
  • Add or remove media files from product listings
  • Upload media files
When your Etsy shop syncs with, your products will appear in your Products tab. Only items that are listed as active in your Etsy shop will sync with will automatically sync your product listing with Etsy once per day. You can always refresh your listings manually by clicking the refresh button at the top of the page.

The on/off button next to each listing allows you to select which products to offer for instant download. Before making a product available for instant download, you need to attach at least one media file.

To attach a file to the listing, open the product by clicking on it. The Product Info is imported from Etsy. Under "Assign files to listing" you will see your available media files. Use the on/off button next to each file to attach or remove it from the product listing.

You can also upload new media files by scrolling to bottom of the page to the "Upload new files" section. If you upload media files from here, they will be attached to the open listing by default. If you add the wrong file by mistake, you can turn it off under "Assign files to listing."


Use the Reports tab to:
  • View transaction reports
  • View the date and time emails were sent to customers
  • View the address that emails were sent to
  • View Customer Landing Pages
  • Resend, kill, refresh, and unlock links
Your Reports tab contains a report of each transaction processed by You will see the date and time your customer received their email, as well as the address the email was sent to. If a customer claims that they did not receive an email, you can check your reports tab to see if the message was sent.

Click the Etsy Receipt ID to view the Customer Download Page for a particular transaction. You can send a link to this page directly by copying and pasting the URL into the body of an email.

Use the Resend Email button to resend the automatic email to your customer.

The Kill Links button will end a customers access to your files. You can use this option if you suspect a customer of misusing your files.

The Refresh Links button will reset the number of downloads and expiration time on your downloads. The refresh links button will only reset an individual transaction. You can change the number of downloads and expiration time for all transactions on your Settings tab.

If you are using the IP lock feature, you will also have a button that gives you the option to unlock a transaction link. You can use this to remove the IP lock from a specific transaction. You can remove IP lock from all transactions on your Settings tab.