Monday, October 22, 2012

About .Zip Files

What are zip files and why should I use them?

Creating a .Zip archives is a great way to limit the number of files that you have to upload to It also makes things easier for your customers because they only have to download 1 large file instead of many small ones.

A zip file is a format that is used for compression and archiving. Each individual file can contain many images. For example, if you have a digital paper pack that contains 10 images. Instead of sending each file to your customer individually they can be combined into a single zip archive that will be downloaded by your customer in 1 click.

How do you create a zip file?

First, gather all of the images and documents that you would like to include your zip archive. Give a folder a clear name like "FlowerClipArt" this will make things easier for your customers. Locate the folder that you just created, then right click the file and select "add to archive".

A box will pop up. All you need to do is select the "ZIP" option under "archive format". After you press the OK button your zip file will be created for you. You can find it in the same spot as the folder you started with.

How do you open a zip file?

If you have an pre-XP version of windows you will have to download a .zip extractor program such as WinRAR.

Once you have downloaded your zip file locate it on your computer. When you find the file double click it. This will open a window that contains a list of each file that is included in the zip archive.


Gail Seymour said...

I have accidentally attached multiple files to an Etsy listing on CraftHub. How do I delete the extra files? Can't find any answers in the FAQ's. Thank you!

Gail Seymour said...

Got it figured out, thanks!

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