Monday, September 3, 2012

New Order Landing Pages

In order to make our download service easier for your customers, we have created custom order landing pages. Instead of having all files included in their delivery message, customer will receive a single link. This link will take them to a personal download web page. This page makes it easy to view file information as well as remaining downloads and their expiration date. Your customers will also have the option to "open" or "download" their files.

The "open" option will display the file in your customer's browser. For example, if your media item is a single jpg, when you click the "open" button the image will display in your browser. It also works for pdf's (if your browser supports it). Clicking the download link will automatically save the file into your default download folder.

To view these pages click on any receiept ID# on your downloads page. If a customer ever needs you to resend them their link this is where you can find it. 

Go to your media listing details to give each of your files public titles and thumbnails. Entering this information is not mandatory. If you do not have a thumbnail picture or title the spaces will be blank.

If your customer uses the download page but still has issues finding their files tell them to look in their default downloads folder. You can also give them the file name so they can search for it on their computer.

You can customize your landing pages in the "download page" box on your "content" page with your own html.


Anonymous said...

Great new features!!

Woofy said...

That Mean, we can integrate directly the shop banner from ETSY with an img tag!

Thank you!!

LilyBelle said...

How do you integrate your Etsy Shop Banner?

Carolyn West said...

I can't get the banner to show up. I followed the directions, but still cant get it to work. Please help.

Paula Kim said...

If you need help please contact the help desk.

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