Thursday, November 8, 2012

Help! Troubleshooting Checklist

Having trouble? Most issues that users experience can be solved easily by following this checklist!

Are and Etsy Connected? needs to be able to "talk" to your Etsy store. To check if and your Etsy store are connected, go first to your account. On your Etsy tab, make sure that your Etsy store is listed and set to "on."

Next, log in to Etsy. Go to the "Your Account" drop down menu and select "Apps." should be listed under "Apps You Use."

If it is not, you have to reauthorize your account.You can do this by clicking on the "Re Authorize" button on your Etsy tab.

Are my Product Listings Active? will only send active products. To check if your product listings are active, go to your "Products" tab. All active products will be set to "on." To change a listing's status, simply click the button to the right of the product.

Does my Product Listing have a Media Attachment? only sends an email to your customer if your product has an attached media file. If one of your listings fails to send, check that it has an associated media file. Open the listing in your Products tab by clicking on it. Media files that are associated with this listing will show as "on." All other files will show as "off." Make sure that all appropriate media files are selected to "on."

Note: You can associate multiple media files with a single product listing if you want, however you must have at least one file associated with the listing in order for it to send.

Are my File Names Computer Friendly?

File names tell computers how to read file information. Some characters mean different things to computers than they do to human readers. Adding these characters to your file names can confuse the computer and cause it to not open your file. It is best to avoid these characters when naming your files:

# pound
% percent
& ampersand
{ } [ ] brackets
? question mark
, comma
. period 
! exclamation point
" ' quotations
: colon
; semi-colon
/ \ slashes
+ = mathematical symbols
$ monetary symbols
@ at sign

If you have trouble with a particular file, check it's name. Remove any special characters. For more information on preparing your files, see A Guide To Starting Your Digital Business on Etsy and About .Zip Files.

What's this Code? [%files%]

Go to your Content tab. In the Email Body field you will see this code, [%files%]. This code is very important. It tells the notification email to contain a link to your files. If you remove this code, your customer will still receive the notification email, but it wont contain a link to your files.

You can use the Email Body field to add a note to your customers. You can even use HTML to add a custom picture, such as your Etsy banner to your email notifications. Be careful not to remove the code [%files%]. If you remove it by accident, just type it back in after your message.

What if the Problem is on my Customer's End?

Sometimes the issue may be on your customer's side. You can check if a notification email was sent to your customer by going to the Reports tab. Here you can see the date and time the notification was sent and the email address to which it was sent. The email address will be the one associated with your customer's Etsy account. If your customer does not receive their download notification, ask them to check their spam folder and verify their email address. You can also resend a download message or send them a link that goes directly to their download landing page.


Unknown said...

I set all my stuff up correctly as per your tutorials. I asked my sister to purchase an item from me to test it. Lucky I did! My report page says that the email was sent to my sisters email address, however, I received the emails addressed from ME to my sister. What the heck is going on? If I wanted a service to email myself the download links of what my customers purchase this would be great, but as it is I have wasted most of my night uploading files to get them sent back to me!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jennifer, automatically copies you on the email that is sent to your customer. It's actually a good thing that you received those emails. If you go to your Reports tab you can view a transaction report for each of your customer transactions, including the email address the link was sent to, and the date and time the message was sent. You can also see if your customer has downloaded the file. If for some reason you do not see the transaction report, please email the help desk at

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