Friday, February 8, 2013

Updates to Your Reports Page will be rolling out several updates over the next few months. You may already have noticed that your Reports tab has been updated! Here is a quick explanation of new features:

When you visit your Reports tab you will now see a green plus sign next to each transaction report. To save space on your screen, transaction reports are now minimized by default. To view the expanded report, click the plus sign. Click the red minus sign to minimize the report. 

If the word "downloaded" appears under the plus sign, it means your customer has downloaded their purchase. This allows you to easily keep track of which orders have been downloaded.

The IP lock feature now works for your entire order. Rather than locking/unlocking each file separately, you now lock or unlock the entire order.

The Geo IP Tool allows you to see where you customers are located. Access the tool by clicking the customer's IP address when you have the transaction report expanded. will be announcing more updates soon. Follow our blog to get announcements sent right to your inbox.


Eleanor said...

What is the Unlock IPs button for? How is that different from the IP lock setting on the settings page?

Natasha Lewandrowski said...

The IP lock on your reports page turns the IP lock off for specific customer transactions. The IP lock on your Settings page turns IP lock on or off for all transactions.

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